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Elves, Orcs, Magic, Mages, Twins, Royalty, Empire

The Rose of Taraqyn
Legends of Atheria
by J.A. Pendleton

It is an oft-told story from days long past of the hero who saved Atheria from the armies of the evil god Anexith.

But the powers of darkness are rising once more, and it’s up to three star-crossed heroes—Prince Kidash, the elven druid Asana, and Mika of Fel—to prevent the lulimia from taking control of Atheria.

The odds seem stacked against them. As they come together, gathering their forces, only the gods can say what will become of their efforts. Will they be able to stop the lulimia in time?

J.A. Pendleton has always loved telling stories and is eager to share them with the world. Over the years, he has enjoyed the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien and many others. Those forebears inspired his love of writing and drove him to put his own story to paper. He lives alone in Washington state, working on his next adventure.


J.A. Pendleton

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