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  • Raja and the Lion of Drazuk


    After years of turmoil, another great shadow is growing over Zurkia. Princess Hannah of Avaran—the cousin of Zurkia’s renowned hero, Princess Raja—and Princess Chloe have both been taken against their will by the superior of Wsyrut, Vandal. After ...

  • Raja and the Monkey of Mynah


    Raja, the princess of Kazan Castle, has finally found peace, teaching and caring for the orphans she had rescued on her previous adventure. However, this peace is not to last, when her friend, Lord Pavel, requests that she join him on a mission to ...

  • Beryllia

    A Crystal Story by

    Beryllia is a magical world populated by four dominant races, each one with a unique power to control one of the four elements—fire, water, wind, and earth—using the crystals embedded in their chests from birth. In a remote corner of Beryllia, Stev, ...

  • Heir of the Moon


    When Ann was just a little girl, in love with the world, her beautiful smile was dimmed by an evil witch who was working to steal the gift of her innocence. The witch would have taken it all, but luckily, she was discovered—and her plan thwarted—by ...

  • The Secret of The Sword


    An ancient bloodline. A powerful enemy. A hidden sword with the power to save or destroy the Earth. Ian Dekker is a twenty-five-year-old filmmaker and hockey fanatic living a happy life in Toronto, but little does he know his destiny is about to ...

  • The Rose of Taraqyn

    Legends of Atheria by

    It is an oft-told story from days long past of the hero who saved Atheria from the armies of the evil god Anexith. But the powers of darkness are rising once more, and it’s up to three star-crossed heroes—Prince Kidash, the elven druid Asana, and ...

  • An Ocean Of Fire


    Eldene is a contemplative teen who has a natural ability to control fire. She apprentices with the mysterious wizard Martin and encounters many wonders in the fantasy world of Proterra, including sea serpents, a dragon and a giant snail. Dark magic ...