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Sammy, Wise Old Rabbit
by Carol Green

Although we don’t always see them, wild creatures are increasingly coming to live in cities. Like people, some creatures—such as rabbits, skunks, raccoons, or mice—find more opportunities for food and shelter in a city. But city living is full of adventures for these animals. Sammy, Wise Old Rabbit is the story of one rabbit who successfully learned to live in the city.

"In this short, colorful picture book, Sammy is a young rabbit that almost doesn’t get to grow old. She finds herself in a number of dangerous situations but learns from each experience. She learns to be resourceful, how to find food, avoid predators, and stay safe and warm. Sammy grows up to be a wise old rabbit, teaching children the importance of critical thinking and awareness of their environment. The illustrations are vivid reproductions of hand painted canvas with beautiful color and texture. The prose is simple enough for older children reading on their own, yet engaging for those being read to by a parent, caregiver, or teacher. Sammy, the Wise Old Rabbit is a charming adventure perfect for young kids who love animals."

—Sarah Johnson

Literary Events Manager, Owl’s Nest Books

Carol Green photo

Carol Green is a visual artist who enjoys seeing the wild creatures in her inner-city neighbourhood. She was encouraged to write about the adventures of Sammy after seeing the events in this book happen to a wild rabbit in the city.

Carol lives in Calgary, Alberta. Sammy, Wise Old Rabbit is her first book.


Carol Green
Noel Bégin

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