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Children’s illustrated book, Children’s animal fable, Mouse story, Animal story, Animal community, Animals and people, Cheese making

The Tail Of The Mouse’s Adventure
by Vito Amodio and Mario Amodio

An old lady pulls off a little mouse’s tail—And when the mouse asks for it back, she says, “Only when you return my cheese!”

This dramatic and charming tale (tail!) is set in the early 1900s, in the style of the Grimm Brothers. It tells the story of a mouse who steals, his punishment, and how he creatively solves his problems. The mouse sets off on a difficult journey: he must learn to make cheese so he can get his tail back. But the mouse can’t do it alone; he’ll need the help of a goat, a tree, and a fountain.

The Tail of the Mouse's Adventure teaches responsibility and respect for others' things. Explore forgiveness and friendship, how to ask for help, and how to keep going even when things get hard.

The inspiration of “The mouse’s poor decision”, came from the many wonderful family stories that were told to us in the seventies. These stories originated in the thirties from our grandparents. As children, we took pleasure in listening to these stories and now want to share them with everyone. We loved these stories as children and felt it only right to share them with everyone. Our hope is you gain the same pleasure and enjoyment from this century old tale.

Vito Amodio and Mario Amodio photo

Maria and Vito Amodio live with their family (including their bischon-poodle) in Thornhill, Ontario. They have been parents for over twenty years. Combined, they have over fifty years’ experience of working in schools. They both took pleasure in listening to stories as children. That passion grew when reading to their own children.

The Tail of the Mouse’s Adventure is a century-old story that was passed down their family. They hope to share its wonderful messages with a wider audience . . . and then to write many more "tails"!


Vito Amodio
Mario Amodio
Elisabetta Amodio & Giuseppe Amodio

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