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A Beautiful Woodland, Swish Swish Fish Fish cover

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Target Audience:
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Juvenile fiction, Autism, inclusive education, Changing schools, Friendship, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), behavioral management

A Beautiful Woodland, Swish Swish Fish Fish
A book about being on the Spectrum in more colourful ways than one
by Cathi A.G.

Sometimes what we think in our thoughts, and what we say aloud to people are never the same

thing. Thought bubbles are not speech bubbles right? Or, what we say aloud doesn’t always go as planned. Woodland is a teenage girl who has Autism, and her colourful world is about to take a turn—up North that is. Her family is moving from Los Angeles to Vancouver, and along her journey, EVERYTHING is new to her. Swish swish fish fish! The one stability for her is her family and her little four-legged friend, Cashew the talking chinchilla to help her along the way. How cool is it to have a talking chinchilla? But only Woodland has special abilities different than others to help her understand Cashew. What will it take for a friend to see the unique colours in this beautiful Woodland, so she can make a new friend in Canada?

Cathi Atmadjaja-Geraghty is originally an island girl, who moved from Jakarta to California, and then to beautiful British Columbia. Completing her undergraduate in business and psychology took her to Taiwan and Japan to teach and later, open up an English school. It wasn’t until back home in Vancouver that she finished her master’s at Simon Fraser University, which led her to work with special needs children. She has many good memories of all the colorful children she met along the way over the past eighteen years, and it inspired her to publish her first book. Cathi’s family is a huge support system. She is married and has a 2.5-year-old daughter, whose inquisitive mind and friendliness was the inspiration of one of this book’s character. Being a good friend to others is a reflection of one’s soul and upbringing, and a mother can only hope that her child helps others feel included and loved.


Cathi A.G.
Robin Dewitt

What People are Saying

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