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Religious poetry, Faith, Family, Teaching, Gratitude, Cape Breton, Alberta

God Will Provide
Walking by Faith, Not by Sight by Len Mac Lellan

The poems within God Will Provide speak about life’s blessedness and human restlessness, as observed and understood through the lens of an often near-sighted, middle aged husband and father of three. By sharing reflections, moments, and stories from his own life, Len Mac Lellan explores how embracing a higher power can provide the grace and strength needed to make it through each day of life.

Touching on subjects such as family, a feeling of home, the highs and lows of teaching, and how we treat others, Mac Lellan’s poems are a launching pad for readers to reflect on their own lives. With a clear, straightforward, and honest voice, he encourages readers to consider what is truly important in life and how behind everything is a God who has a master plan for us all; for with this knowledge, comes peace.

Let us rest our hands from our wheels

let our sails slip from their masts.

Simple faith has calmly floated

our boats to safe harbour, at last.

These poems and stories touch on everyday life. We hear of events and circumstances that could be repeated in the daily life of any one of us, but with a sense of wonder and spiritual appreciation. All of life is a mystery, after all – not a mystery to be solved, but a mystery to be lived. The reader will find in these pages some folk wisdom that lends to our understanding of people and events that become part of each person’s memory bank. We draw from deep wells of experience. I hope the reader enjoys these as I have.

—Archbishop Gerard Pettipas, C.Ss.R.

Through his poetry, Len Mac Lellan has bravely revealed to us intimate moments of his life and that of his family. I was moved with a variety of emotions by each poem. This book is truly a treasury of memories well worth their weight in gold.

—Msgr Charles Lavoie PH

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Len Mac Lellan is a husband to Maureen and a father, teacher, storyteller, and poet. Raised in Judique, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and now raising his own children in Valleyview, Alberta, Mac Lellan has a strong sense of place and community. He takes great joy in his twenty-four years of teaching elementary students at St. Stephen’s Catholic School, which is reflected in his being nominated for the 2006 Excellence in Teaching Award and receiving the Excellence in Catholic Education Award in 2012.

When not singing in the church choir or regaling his children – Alexis, Allan, and Anna – with his own stories, he is busy collecting natural and oral history so he can preserve the stories of others. To help keep himself grounded, he notes: “My grandfather, in all his faith and wisdom, quoted a bible passage that I’ve since repeated whenever I felt that my faith was being tested. He simply said, ‘God will provide.’”

Proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to help pay for

St. Rita’s Gathering Centre in Valleyview, Alberta.

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