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Making choices, Choosing a sport, Parent expectations, Canadian fiction, Children's fiction, Resolving conflicts, Trying new things

Can I
by Jessie Nagra

Johnny is getting ready very, very slowly for a soccer match. It’s too hot to play, his team always loses, and he feels he’d be happy if he never, ever played again. The problem is … his father lives and breathes soccer.

Can Johnny find the courage to be honest with his dad? And can Dad accept that his son wants something different? Is there a world beyond soccer?

With insight and humour, Can I? leads the young reader through this age-old story of what happens when parental expectations conflict with a child’s natural talents and desires—showing that everything can be resolved with a little enthusiasm, trust, and love.

Children and parents alike will enjoy this timeless tale of how to deal with conflict and come out smiling.

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Jessie Nagra was born and raised in Montreal. She studied English Literature, Arts, and Sociology in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she lives happily with her husband, her eleven-year-old son, and two-year-old daughter.

She loves travelling and reading, especially to her children. This is her first book.


Jessie Nagra
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