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Children’s book, be yourself, growing up, independence, perseverance, follow your path, finding yourself

In the Land of Boxes
by Kim Hebert

In the Land of Boxes is the story of a young boy who is discovering what it means to be himself. His world is filled with the most incredible boxes! Some are tall; some are tiny. Some have colours brighter than you could ever imagine, and some have patterns that will make your eyes cross! And these are the boxes he lives in. But as he gets older, people try to put in him different boxes . . . some with no colour at all! In the Land of Boxes aims to teach children to be themselves and honour the unique aspects of who they are as they grow up.

So, close your eyes and squeeze tight! Can you see it? Can you see all of the marvelous things that make you shine? The best possible you is where they combine!

Kim Hebert is a mother, a writer, a sports enthusiast. . . and those are just a few of her boxes. With a political science degree, specializing in societal and world issues, from Concordia University, Kim is especially attuned to social constructs and the ways in which different environments shape people in different ways. In the Land of Boxes was borne out of the desire to teach her children to be true to themselves and explore the world of possibilities but not change who they are based on the expectations of others.

In addition to her political science degree, Kim holds a second degree in marketing, also from Concordia University. She lives in Montreal, Quebec with her husband, their two children, and the family’s Labrador retriever. In the Land of Boxes is her first book.


Kim Hebert

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