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Free verse, Autobiography, Anger, Coming of age, Poetry and prose, Growing up, Youthful reflection

The Primrose Path
by Marty Pasco

The Primrose Path is a near autobiography of hope, love, heartbreak, and the way life calls for acceptance of others’ choices if advancements are to be made. Aimed at the population of young folks negotiating the balance of challenge and pleasure in their lives, here is poetry and prose that call out to a generation.

In mostly free-form verse written inside of a single year, author Marty Pasco contemplates the mysteries of a modern-day life for a young person. Leaving home and growing up. Partying and drinking. Loneliness and social media. Hope. Taken as a whole, The Primrose Path captures all the pleasures and pains that account for the details of a modern life for the travellers and hipsters and artists and outcasts who will find themselves well represented in its rich, raw pages.


At the base.”

“The Road of Lustrous Hope”

Marty Pasco photo

Marty Pasco has been passionate about poetry for years. It is his pleasure and goal to write relatable pieces and he is anxious to add to modern poetry’s canon a collection that speaks to a young generation in their own voice.

In the winter, Marty lives in Golden, BC, with friends and fellow travellers who have settled, for a spell, in this picturesque part of the world. The rest of the year, this Shelburne, Ontario, native, travels for work and pleasure.


Marty Pasco
Keelan Horne

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