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The Brave Little Brown Bear
by Melissa Tar

Everyone has a fear of something, even a big brave brown bear. Come join in this beautifully illustrated journey as a bear cub learns the true value of compassion, bravery, companionship, courage and inner-strength. Find yourself rooting for the cub as he embraces the fury of the storm and overcomes his own fears.

Melissa Tar is an author and entrepreneur living in Windsor, Ontario with her husband Tim and their three kids Allie, Keira and Logan. Melissa creates books to align with the mission and vision of her company, Embrace Rec – Therapeutic Recreation Services. Applying my background in recreation therapy and drama I use my writing to develop programs for kids in a safe environment promoting self-expression and skill affirmation. “My objective is to create a series of books and workshops that tackle subjects I believe are character-building attributes for children.” I take a proactive approach using creative concepts that develop and strengthen youth through their childhood and their life. The Brave Little Brown Bear is a story capturing ideas of friendship, courage, overcoming fear and embracing resilience. Through movement, storytelling, music and creative approaches, my goal is to facilitate interactive play that gives every child more opportunity to find their “roar!


Melissa Tar
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