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Fairies, gnomes, fairy queen, magic crystal, time travel, magic quest, magic healing

How Blake Saved Fairy Land
by Pauline Hagen Angman

This book is for children ages Kindergarten through grade five. Adventure, time travel, fairies, and magic. Can Blake help save fairyland from the goblins? Can they find the magic crystal? How will Blake escape from the goblins cave? Who will recover the crystal first? Can they figure out the rhyme in time to save Fairyland? Will the fairies and Blake be brave enough to go into the back of the cave where the Foo Foo birds nest? Will the Foo Foo’s eat the fairies?

Pauline loves reading, playing golf and travelling. She gets her ideas from watching what is going on around her. Pauline has three wonderful grown children and three fabulous grandchildren. Shes married and lives in Kelowna, B.C. Pauline’s job as a Family & Youth Outreach Counsellor gave her a great deal of experience working with children of all ages and their families. She loves writing and seeing the different reactions to her stories. She has written twenty children’s books with many different genres. A novel, two self-help books. One for children in hospital (Banjo’s Magic Balloons) and a six-year-old’s impression of her parent’s divorce (No One Asks Me How I Feel.)


Pauline Hagen Angman
Rachael Whitehead

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