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  • 40 pages
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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

adventure, child’s adventure, elephants, ivory poaching, saving elephants, elephant hunting, extinction

Charlie and the Elephant
by Loretta Beacham

Charlotte, a girl who’s curious and kind, is chosen by a big blue elephant to banish the cruel poachers from the forest. In a daring and determined plan, they join forces with the clever, talkative Mr. Crow and the empathetic, self-sacrificing Miss Ash Tree. With bravery, teamwork, and a surprise ambush by a large flock of crows, they save her friend and savor their triumph!

Charlie and the Elephant by Loretta Beacham is a story about a child who cares about other creatures, one who follows her feelings and goes the distance to make a di erence. With lovely illustrations by Yvette Besner, it’s a book to be read and remembered.

About the Author:

As a frequent visitor to extraordinary worlds in her daughters’ imaginations, Loretta Beacham enjoys sharing a good story. In Charlie and the Elephant, she was assisted by the nap-resistant imagination of the older of her two daughters, the eponymous Charlotte, who was almost four. Loretta has observed the environment of her neighborhood to embroider her characters and bring them to life.

Loretta lives in Ottawa with her partner, Adam, and their daughters Charlotte and Violet. Family life includes the company of numerous dust bunnies, several stuffed animals, some board games, and errant pieces of LEGO.

About the Illustrator:

Yvette Besner loves to read about kindness, so she was happy to collaborate with Loretta Beacham on this caring tale. Yvette is the Canadian artist and illustrator behind the whimsical and colourful illustrations in Charlie and the Elephant. She lives in Ottawa with her husband, Shawn, and her two greatest creations, Leia and Serena. When she’s not working on art, you can find Yvette on adventures with her family and friends, scheming up ways to spread joy.


Loretta Beacham
Yvette Ivanic

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