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Free verse poetry, Love, Philosophy, Human nature, Relationships, Bilingual poetry, Spanish poetry

Awaking The Divine
by Dahlia Meza

This beautiful collection of poems meditates on the nature of life, love, and existence in a troubling, often challenging world. Primarily in English with some Spanish entries, these poems will batter your soul, make you think, and offer you peace after the storm. Each poem comes as a guide, waiting for those longing to be held. Awaking the Divine is a coming-of-age experience expressed through poetry.

Some of these lines act as mirrors, reflecting the complexity of our humanity. Others question the nature of our existence in relation to ourselves and our surroundings. Through it all, they meditate on the challenges of finding resilience in an ever-changing world of ideas, culture, and identity.

Dahlia Meza has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a certification in Expressive Arts Therapy, that played an important factor in the writing of this book. She learned to use writing as a therapeutic tool in order to cope with and transform challenging personal experiences. From relationships to navigating the challenges of living in a different country, Meza turned her emotions into poetry, eventually forming this collection.


Dahlia Meza
Aletha Heyman

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