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Concussion, Sports injuries, Neurotraining, Hockey, Hockey training, Injury prevention, Head-up/chin-up training

On-ice CPN Plan Reduces the Trauma of Concussions
by Dan Selin

Concussions in hockey injure more than just the player. They injure our healthcare infrastructure, our insurance claims, our families, and the reputation and integrity of the sport itself. The need to find a way to reduce concussions has never been greater.

What if there was a magic pill hockey players could take that would do just that? And what if a side effect of this pill was enhanced skills for the athlete? Imagine what a hockey game would be like for the player, the fan, the league.

This book, and the program it outlines, is that pill.

Reducing concussions in hockey is not about changing the game but changing how players train. By applying a scientific approach that encourages a head-up/chin-up position for on-ice vision, skating, stickhandling, passing, and shooting, hockey players can reinvent their approach to the game and massively reduce the risk of concussions. This program scientifically demonstrates how changing a player’s field of vision through head positioning can make all the difference to how the game is played, and how its players fare within it. This is hockey science, and every layer of the sport—players, parents, coaches, hockey associations—would benefit from adopting it.

Change is a challenge. Change is work. But change is necessary. It is time for the hockey world to hear this message at last, to appreciate how critical this fundamental shift in practising, playing, and considering the game is. Players who adopt the strategies outlined in On-Ice CPN Plan Reduces the Trauma of Concussions will play with more skill, more speed, and more safety.

Dan Selin, who has taught hockey skills for forty-seven of his sixty-two years, is an extremely accomplished hockey skills instructor. He has coached skating, stickhandling, and vision skills to pro players, NCAA players, Junior players, boys AAA, Girls AA, and Sledge hockey. He has held a range of off- and on-ice coaching seminars. And he’s published two DVDs (one on skating skills, one on stickhandling skills) and written various ice hockey training manuals.

Selin, who still takes delight in demonstrating all skills to players, lives in North Bay, Ontario, with his wife and son.


Dan Selin
Bernard Penney

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