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Picture Books, Kids and Self-esteem, Animal characters, Zoo animals, Ages 2-7, Fancy the Flamingo, Self Confidence

Fancy Flamingo Makes Friends
by Noreen Anne

Fancy the Flamingo wants to help, join in games, and be included. But the other flamingos are always telling her she’s too little!

So one night, Fancy decides it’s time to step out on her own to explore for herself.

Her adventures through the zoo are full of surprises! Fancy discovers that being little doesn’t stop you from being brave, solving problems, helping others, or making new friends.

Best of all, Fancy learns that you’re never too little to be brave—or make new friends that believe in you.

"Anne’s book aptly portrays ideas of collaboration, self-esteem, and friendship. The refrain (“Just because I’m little doesn’t mean I can’t do things!”) is age-appropriate and relatable. A nicely illustrated animal tale highlighting worthy themes." - Kirkus Reviews

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Noreen Anne has been a director in early childhood education for seventeen years. She is passionate about inspiring children through books. She is an avid nature enthusiast and loves the outdoors. Noreen and her husband live in Cary, Illinois.

Stay tuned for more motivational books about Fancy the Flamingo, as she learns about her world and all the things she can do in it!


Noreen Anne

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