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Music, musical instruments, musicians, classical music, sentient instruments, restored instruments, instrument fantasy

Kindred Instruments
by Ron Sokol


These musical instruments are very much alive, and share their experiences with us, their ups and downs, their interaction with the world. Open the pages here to dine with tuba and trombone. Meet the violin who is going to soon be gifted to a true master. A piccolo who becomes a stand-up comedienne, no less. The flute held in the one hand of a war vet. Don’t miss the harp as she laments her wild and inspired owner who insists on playing in the midst of a construction site.

This is the fifth in the Kindred series which started with a well known remark that applies so well here: “Oh do not ask what it is, let us go and make our visit...”

Ron Sokol, novelist, columnist and blogger, who writes about topics from baseball to lamp posts, from mischief to angels, composes stories and creates videos to try to make sure your glass is half full, at least. If you get a moment, visit and enjoy


Ron Sokol

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