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  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

aliens, friendship, animals, space, spaceships, neighbourhoods, family

Eeko and the Nosy Neighbour
by Diane Charbonneau

After unknowingly bringing Buddy, Xavier’s dog, to planet Zeebot during his last visit, Eeko flies back to Earth to return Buddy. There’s only one problem - Buddy refuses to go back unless he can bring his picnut friend, a flying squirrel-like creature back with him. Things get pretty hectic when the nosy neighbour, Hazel Finkle, finds Eeko’s spaceship in the woods and sees a flying picnut. Will Hazel be able to convince her husband and friends that aliens have moved to Earth? Will Eeko be able to return to Zeebot without anyone finding out his identity?

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Diane Charbonneau continues the series of Eeko, the Friendly Alien with her new book "Eeko and the Nosy Neighbour". She introduces new characters, each with a unique personality that will surely captivate her young readers interest. "I think it's important to provide my readers with a captivating story and at the same time instil life lessons into my books; such as friendships, helping your neighbour, working together and generally caring about others," says Diane.

Diane resides in Ottawa, enjoys spending time with family and friends and gets her inspiration from her grandchildren, Xavier, Max, Alexie and Camille.


Diane Charbonneau
Brent Spencer

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