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kids social skills, personal-space bubble, mindfulness for kids, respecting others, relaxation techniques, teaching social cues, manners and etiquette

Ruby’s Bubble
by Lisele Lindsay

Meet Ruby, an active child who loves to bounce, dance and play with her friends. When an accident occurs from too much excitement, Ruby calms herself in three easy steps and teaches the reader to do the same.

By staying calm and visualizing a colourful bubble around themselves, Ruby and her friends become more aware of their personal space and the personal space needs of others. It’s as easy as counting 1, 2, 3.

“Ruby’s Bubble” is a children’s book aimed at guiding children to become mindful of their personal space. By practising the relaxation and visualization technique, they develop the social skills that allow them to engage successfully and respectfully with others. The beautiful hand painted water colour images, created by illustrator Dakota Bicklmeier, create a unique visual for young children to enjoy. The whimsical illustrations make for a perfect read aloud for classroom settings or can be enjoyed on its own.

"A delightful story. Ruby models a peaceful self-regulating strategy in such a way that invites and empowers her readers to access their own inner strength."

—Kim Burgess MEd CCC

Satori Counselling - Expressive Arts Therapy

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Lisele Lindsay has been a professional educator for over twenty-five years. She currently works as a kindergarten teacher and guidance counsellor in an UNESCO Associated School Network setting in Onanole, Manitoba. She loves to captivate children with wonderful stories that provide them with a strong sense of self, peace of mind, acceptance, and respect for others, a desire to be kind to one another, and (of course,) an opportunity to participate actively while the book is being read.

Ruby’s Bubble is her first book dedicated to her great-niece Ruby, with many more stories to come. She hopes this practical and user friendly guide to help children develop personal–space awareness and social cues becomes a favourite read.

Lisele enjoys living near Riding Mountain National Park with her husband, Brad, and two sons, Thomas and Garrett.


Lisele Lindsay
Dakota Bicklmeier

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