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fairies, Piper’s Pond, evil queen, magic seeds, magical family, fairy garden, good versus evil

Piper's Pond
The Unwritten Fairytale
by M. K. Wood

We all have stories, worlds we create from our love and laughter, our hatred and fear. Some of us simply visit them in our own imaginations, while others write them down and invite others to live there for a while. But what if the writer had special magic all her own?

Grief-stricken and left alone to raise her young daughter when her husband suddenly passes, author and mother Piper Wolfe falls into a state of depression, but with the help of a dear friend, she finds solace in the creation of a fairy garden at the pond behind her house―a house she thought she would always share with the love of her life.

Pouring all her love and longing into that beautiful fairy realm, she slowly heals and finds her way back to life and laughter. Imagine her surprise when, on the anniversary of her greatest loss, she learns that this new world she envisioned is just as real, just as alive, as the one she’s always known. And that she is its creator.

Now, as a great evil threatens the garden, and all the magical creatures who call it home, Piper must learn to embrace her own magic, come face to face with the dark corners of her own unwritten fairy tale, and with the help of her oldest friend, save Piper’s Pond.

"Have you ever been curious about what fairies are really like? 

I met Madonna while walking through a gorgeous forest, blissing out on the rushing river from which we just emerged. Madonna is a *light*, I realized as soon as I saw her. She's one of those people who are brimming with magical stories she can't wait to share. I asked where she lived, and she pointed, indicating this beautiful forest is in her backyard! 

The reason I paint the picture (well, for one, I'm a painter) is because this book is an expression of the magic Madonna has within her. It is meant to be shared, to inspire us that indeed magic is more real than 'reality'. Madonna brought a world to life which I am still experiencing. I love the characters, the imagery, the lightness. I love this book. It's more than a non fiction book, it is a mindset. This book is a gift in a similar way Avatar was a gift. It reminds us that fairies exist, that they live beautiful existences, and that we can too if we suspend our adult/critic minds. 

I highly recommend this story to my family and friends, and will DEFINITELY be reading it to my kids when I have them!"

By Nadja Marks-Shafton


Sarasota, Florida

M. K. Wood photo

When M.K. Wood published the first book in this series, Piper’s Pond, which was inspired by her children, Skyler and Brody, she was often approached by readers wanting to learn about the pond’s origins, and so, Piper’s Pond; the Unwritten Fairy Tale was born―a prequel to the popular first book.

Having always been inspired by the outdoors and nurtured by the beauty of nature, M.K. has been creating unique worlds and artwork her entire life, with stories, poems, paintings, and photos that bridge the distance between reality and fantasy.

She currently lives close to her very own fairy garden, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, with Tomasz (her lion), and their two cats, Calvin and Moka.


M. K. Wood

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