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psychosis, bipolar, mental health facilities, mental illness, depression, anxiety, mental illness stigma

Picking Up The Broken Pieces
My Journey Through Psychosis, Depression and Anxiety
by Arielle Bradberry

An honest and inspiring memoir of a young women battling psychosis, depression and anxiety

The story is of a women who experiences mental health brought on by stress. A candid and intimate retelling of her breakdown, and her memories and experiences of her times in a mental health facility. Read the journal of her inner thoughts while in the mental health facility and after. With medical intervention and the love and support of her family and fiancé, she finds a way to manage and live with mental illness. Learn the importance of self care and what you can do to help yourself or a loved one going through mental illness. The story is written with the hope that others might be able to relate to some of her experience and know that they are not alone. The stigma of mental illness needs to be broken and people need to start talking about how they really feel.

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Arielle Bradberry- A young women who grew up in a small town and lived a fairly simple life until she reached adulthood. A mom, a wife and Human Resources Specialist who has decided it's time to share her horrific story with the world. A loving mother who will do anything in her power to help end the stigma of mental health so that her children grow up in a world where people talk about their mental health and are not shamed or judged. A passionate writer who has been writing her novel for five years in hopes to make a difference in the world.


Arielle Bradberry

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