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Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, navigating healthcare, Al-Anon, the healthcare system, childhood development, child advocacy, self-care

Raising Hope
by Kim Parke

Raising Hope is a story of a mother’s unending love for her second child, named Hope, who was born with a rare genetic syndrome called Wolf-Hirschhorn, and came into this world to teach others about what unconditional love really means and how that needs to be protected in our world. It details the struggles Hope’s mother faces dealing with a governmental healthcare system that offers extensive financial support for foster families willing to take in children with disabilities, while leaving biological parents almost completely on their own to deal with nearly insurmountable financial pressures. Adding to her challenges, Hope’s mother has to deal with alcoholism and abuse in her failing marriage, her subsequent divorce, custody issues regarding Hope and her two siblings, and eventual parental alienation, and somehow come out the other side … still fighting to ensure that her daughter is happy and supported, despite her disabilities.

This is a story of perseverance, overcoming incredible challenges, and love. It is the story of Raising Hope.

You must believe so deeply in miracles. You must believe that better days are coming for you. Feel this within yourself. No obstacle shall stop your vision. You are too strong to give up to doubt and fears. You must stop letting your own self stop you from your own greatness. The mental chatters, the overthinking, self-judgment Replace it with unwavering faith. Start lifting yourself up from within. Start being your truth; a powerful unstoppable spirit that can overcome any adversity. Reclaim yourself today. Own your truth today. Imagine a better world, a better life, a happier you. You know that’s possible right? Once you accept and claim yourself you’ll start to feel, think, and live differently. You’ll start to be impacted and impact others. You’ll start living in your purpose and flow no matter what you face. You’ll look back soon and just be thankful. Gratitude will fill your life because you know life is all a collection of moments where you’re learning, transforming, transitioning, celebrating, and sharing your creativity. You are greatness and I hope that adds more light into your life today as you read this story of strength, hope and most of all LOVE.

Kim Parke has taken on countless professional positions over the years, in her efforts to support her family while juggling the time constraints of raising a child with special needs on her own. Most recently, she has created a Ninety-Day Holistic Wellness Coaching Program for anyone who wants to create real and lasting change in their life, using her life experiences and knowledge to help others in need. Paired with the proceeds from this book―which she hopes will shed some light on our government’s need for systemic change, in terms of how biological families of disabled children are treated―she hopes to eventually build a specialized home for Hope, where she can be supported and happy and no longer victimized by a system that just covers the bare minimum of care.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Kim lives with her nineteen-year-old son, and sees Hope every chance she gets.


Kim Parke

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