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Poetry, Consciousness, Allegory, Enlightenment, Eternity, Energy, Lucid dreaming

Songs of Illumination Sung in Solidarity
by Graeme P. Martell

Equinox is a unique collection of stream-of-consciousness poetry, told from the perspective of the imagination, whose focus is decidedly spiritual and consciousness-expanding. With these thoughtful, inspirational contemplations, the author hopes his work will encourage readers to ask questions without finite, fixed, and logical answers, and that they’ll come to appreciate a more compassionate understanding of their purpose in the universe. The collection was undertaken in the spirit of love, light, and self-exploration, and with the conviction that there is meaning in everything—even meaninglessness.

Entwined with the poetry, Equinox includes articles aimed at encouraging philosophic scrutiny. There is value in remembering that, when reading nonsense, one may have to read it over and over again to find any sort of sense in it!

"We are the teachers of the future, we shape the minds of our children."

Graeme Patrick Martell is the ideal author of a book whose thoughtful content considers such subjects as illicit danger, lucid dreaming, enlightened understandings, and the constant and marvelous powers of energy. He has been a drug user, has been stuck down the rabbit hole, and is a transformed graduate of the School of Life. With this collection, he hopes to help others find the light.

After six years being addicted to fentanyl, Martell gained his sobriety through a range of healthy means of expression, including painting, poetry, and skateboarding. He also became a volunteer fire fighter in Logan Lake and volunteers his spare time helping Infinite Expansion Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Langley, BC, that is dedicated to making the world a happier and more beautiful place, with a focus on helping those who suffer from addiction and mental illness, including at-risk youth.

Equinox is the result of Martell’s decision to write a book as a fundraiser in support of the foundation’s Liberal Arts Mentorship Program. He lives in Cascadia, Pacific Northwest.


Graeme P. Martell
Allie Hendrickson
Madison and Micheala Hippisley

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