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romance, tattooed bikers, star-crossed lovers, girl next door, finding love, contemporary romance, women’s fiction

Leather, Love and Tattoos
by Anne Darling

It might be the shiny chrome or the rumble of the 88 Twin Cam engine that caught her attention, but it’s the cocksure man leaning against that magnificent iron horse that gets Abby Pearce’s blood boiling. Having a rich daddy allows her to live well, but money can’t provide everything she wants. The day Cole Fletcher rides into her life, Abby takes one look at his broad shoulders, muscular, tattooed chest and form-fitting jeans, and she knows she has to have him. Cole is the kind of man who’s good with his hands yet fails at relationships. He keeps things simple: dinner and sex. But when he moves in next to sexy, irresistible Abby, his simple world turns upside down. He yearns for her but keeps her in the friend zone because of her princess upbringing. Abby will do anything to break down Cole’s defences, win his heart and become his old lady … but will it be enough?

Anne Darling likes to spend her winters in front of the fireplace furiously writing her latest novel. In the summer, if you can find her, she’ll be on the back of a motorcycle touring the countryside with her arms wrapped around her man. Anne enjoys the freedom of the open road and every new adventure the motorcycle brings. She greets each new experience with a smile on her face—and probably some bugs in her teeth. The life of an author is a glamorous one!


Anne Darling

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