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Tangleville City, Father knows best, Doctor Steadmore, Christian fiction, Biblical truths, Christian articles

The Tangleville Chronicles
Does Father Know Best?
by Donald H Hull

Rev. Canon Dr. Barclay Steadmore can’t help but put pen to paper in retirement. His new job with the Tangleville Mirror allows him to stir up controversy by posing thought-provoking theological questions to secular and religious audiences in his new series, “The Tangleville Chronicles.” With the encouragement of his wife, Faith, and the camaraderie of his friends—two retired priests and Tangleville’s newest town council member, Harry Sting—Dr. Steadmore works to push traditional Christian values into direct opposition with the twenty-first century’s fluctuating values. But where God leads us is not what anyone can ultimately predict.

This dynamite conclusion to the Tangleville series will leave you challenged, spiritually renewed, and longing for more.

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Canon Dr. Donald H. Hull is a retired Anglican Priest in the Diocese of Huron. A former mathematics teacher, Dr. Hull earned a Master of Divinity degree from Queen’s University Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Ashland Theological Seminary in Ohio before becoming the Principal of Canterbury College on campus of the University of Windsor, where he taught New Testament Studies. The Tangleville Chronicles: Does Father Know Best? is Dr. Hull’s third book in the Tangleville series, preceded by Tangleville: Just About Any Town, Anywhere and Untangling Tangleville: Stepping Out! Just as Any Town Can.


Donald H Hull

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