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We Miss You
Giving All My Flowers To A Ghost by Chloe Martin Snell

We Miss You: Giving All My Flowers to a Ghost is a timely, compassionate, and evocative book of poems about topics which touch all of us in some way over a lifetime, but which we often have a hard time talking about. The poems speak of dealing with loss and love, mental health, depression, suicide, and how to get up when you’ve been knocked down. The raw emotion of these experiences is worded in straight-forward language which connects directly with the reader, and includes surprising, but recurrent, elements of deftly-wielded humour. Sometimes Chloe Martin Snell’s poems are like the messages carved into gravestones, other times like a diary entry, an inspirational quote, a blues song. Whatever the form, her poetry is an affirmation that things do get better, that things do turn around.

Written from the perspective of someone who has known depression themselves and witnessed the terrible devastation wrought by depression on a loved one, Chloe Martin Snell’s poetry will be a boon to everyone who has struggled, or is struggling, to make it through—opening up a much-needed conversation.

Begun as a personal project, We Miss You: Giving All My Flowers to a Ghost is ultimately uplifting, and a paeon to friendship, faithfulness, family, and human connection. With this first book of poetry, Chloe Martin Snell extends this connection to others—especially other young adults—reaching out with evocative language, an original and dynamic style, courage, honesty, and an unerring vision of what really matters.

Chloe Martin Snell is a young poet, writing from her own experience and from the experiences of those who surround her. Her work is informed by her ongoing studies; a graduate of Child and Youth Studies (Bachelor of Arts) with a minor in psychology from Mount Saint Vincent University, she is currently pursuing studies in Addictions Community Outreach. We Miss You: Giving All My Flowers to a Ghost is her first published work.

She lives with her family in Pictou County, Nova Scotia.


Chloe Martin Snell

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