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I Will Nevah Blackslide. I Will Nevah Tek It Back cover

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Jamaican-English poetry, experimental poetry, Jamaican Patois poetry, experiencing bigotry and hate, social conscience poems, Jamaican-English experience, social awareness poems

I Will Nevah Blackslide. I Will Nevah Tek It Back
by Kasha Makka

I Will Nevah Blackslide! I Will Nevah Tek It Back

Vibes in Standard English and Yardie-patwa/patois- stylie

- Isa relationship wid!

Time! Things! Places! People's

Attitude, behavior, emotional stable'bility, mental heal'th, spiritual growth

- I'd livity!

A running commentary in the form of; Poetry! Comedy! Satire

On a planet where; Truth on Life experiences, trials, tribulations, hopes, dreams, aspirations are 'Fake Newz

- Is meant to be

Provactive, controversial but with solutions

- Aim

To backwhey(chase away), battadung (get rid of) Pusillanimous Xenophobe's; Race-I-sm! Discrimination! Profile-I-sm! Card-I-ng! 0-Tolerance-Ing.

At this momentous moment in time any , *Psycho loo 'co'gical Chump* who stink him can

"Build Wall/Create AirSpace Force Over/Across The Sahara Desert"

To stop ????, ? ?✈️ ⛵ loads upon loads of


Immigrants Aliens! Niggars

From *Shithole Countries* from

"Coming To America"

Isa; Drug/gun smuggler! Pussygrabbing Rapist! Dolebummer! Draftdodger! Taxevader and maybe some are I.V Leaugers.

Is Morality a causality of Society's Decadence. Or?? Is Society a casualty of Decadents immorality

To whomever it offend:

Kasha Makka vow nevah to bow

Kasha Makka vibeseth:

Is morality a casualty of society's decadents


Is society a casualty of decadent's immorality?

Legal/Branded/Slave Name

Donat Roy Stephens

Roots/African Name

Kofi Abakan

Nom de plume

Kasha Makka


Forever - Honor Rebel Child adi U'n'I-verse

Foremost - Honor Rebel African

Forever -Honor Rebel Jamaican

Preeminent- Honor Rebel West Islander/Caribbean/World Citizen


Nursery Rhymeth

BIS) Bethel Infant School

Formative Learning

BHPS) Brown's Hall Primary Secondaryeth

THS) Technical High Tertiary

JSA) "Old Farmer"- Jamaica School Of Agriculture


Kasha Makka

Has no other noteworthy claim to fame to share with the world. Suffice it to say, from Kofi Abakan (YSHDAN2017) in my 'Sexploitive Juvenile Delinquent"(SJD), Devon D.Pollinator from Jamaica years, where this Badbreath #ME2 Have-A-Lot (PSOB) Privileged Son Ofa Bukos, mostly while I 'lay waisted' on many a chits as I 'lay wasted' on em by di wayside. You see, (PSOB's) Privileged Sons Of Bourgeoisie are entitled.Oohh yes! (RPSOB's) Rich Privileged Sons Of Bastards, like this D.J , not even the Supreme Court in this Banana Republic dare convict, therefore they must aquit.

Today forward (2019 I will Nevah Blackslide! I Will Nevah Tek It Back) I have consciously mature; Valiantly wear the scars, bravely suffer the taunts and even though, Iyah Mon, stilla suffah from; Drapetomania si Disestezia etiopica, is still throwing off the chains and shackles of the 'Whitesman's Burden'.


Kasha Makka

What People are Saying

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