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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

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Clean Ocean
by Lisa Muse

How do we solve the ocean’s pollution problem? Ask the smart fish. When all the sea life come together they will rid the ocean of all the trash and pollution. Then we have to lock up the bad guys and restore the Arctic polar cap to help the planet recover from global warming.

"This book was written to show my children Kevin James Muse and Talayia Melisa Carpenter that you can work hard and acheive your goals."

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I am a mother, Grand Mother, Aunt, Sister, that is concerned about the state of our planet. As I see the care of our planet continuing to wane, I felt the need to add my hand to the solution and not the discussion about the problem. I want to show the children being raised in this world the problem of pollution that they will be forced to face and their parents will see also. I want to support the efforts of many who have already taken up this fight to be Good Stewards of the Earth. So, I have written this fun and exciting story to encourage your help to work to do our part in cleaning our oceans, and water ways.


Lisa Muse

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