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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

birds, flowers, gardens, family, visual art, allegory, friendship

Magic on Robins' Hill
by Diane Marie Krämer

A Magical watering can, an eccentric artist with multi colored hair and many generations of ancestral robins are among those that live on Magic Robins’ Hill. Welcome to their world and the mystical connections they share with this land. Meet its sculptural guardians, the loyal Australian shepherds and other colorful critters.

Diane Marie Krämer photo

Born January 30th on a Saturday during cartoon hours.

Diane inhabits a world of constant creation. She approaches art with intuition and works in sculpture, photography and painting. She has exhibited her artwork professionally in selected, group and solo shows across the United States and Europe.

Diane is a studio artist and a teaching artist who has many years of experience instructing in different genres in private and public schools, universities and art centers. She has been privileged by having students of all ages and has a special focus on teaching people with disabilities.

Her home is in an enchanted forest in Michigan which she shares

with creatures of the wind: the fragile and turbulent robins, chasing grasshoppers, hunting for berries, flooding the trails full of mystery with their symphony of flutes.

Diane lives there with her husband, Michael and her Australian shepherds who bring her great comfort & happiness. B.A M.A. M.F.A


Diane Marie Krämer

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