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Writing with Your Ever-Present Muse
75 Catalytic Reads, Wisdom Pockets, and Living Experiments
by Edith Friesen

Learn to write freely from an open, fluid, and spacious state of consciousness with this extraordinary guide to attuned writing. Whatever your writing experience, context, or genre, this book will give you the tools and support to open your creative wellspring. Using experiential readings, pithy reflections, and a dynamic writing process, you will disrupt unproductive habits, dissolve blocks, untether yourself from a predominantly cerebral way of writing, and heal old writing wounds to uncover your profound artistic gifts. Writing with Your Ever-Present Muse will encourage you to write with awareness, resonance, and presence, helping to sweeten your relationship to writing for the rest of your life. History and personal experience tell us that writing is a transformative medium for self, readers, and society. This timely and powerful book speaks to a world that needs voices flowing from a greater sense of humanity and wholeness.

While various muses may drift through your writing life, none will be as lucid, true, and near as your ever-present muse, waiting for you here in the creative wilds.

— Edith Friesen

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Edith Friesen is an author, coach, and educator who has written in multiple fields. Served by an MA in communications studies and a lifelong romance with her ever-present muse, she helps writers uncork their creative wellspring and write what matters. Edith lives on Vancouver Island, Canada.


Edith Friesen

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