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Non-fiction, Escaping Communism, Escape memoir, Aftermath Vietnam War, North Vietnam, Refugee, Canada immigration

My Children's Horrific Journey to Freedom
by Andy Lieu

Vietnam, after the Fall of Saigon in 1975: life is getting tougher and more desperate by the day.

Before dawn one morning Andy, age thirteen, is shaken awake by his mother. He and his sister Allison, age seventeen, are taken to the airport and put on an old two-propeller plane, headed for the war-torn city of Hanoi—the first stop in a daring plan to escape from North Vietnam. Leaving family, home, and country behind, the two must travel alone.

My Children’s Horrific Journey to Freedom is the true story of their harrowing journey. By plane, train, boat, and on foot, living by their wits, the two flee the oppression of the Vietnamese communist regime only to experience worse horrors at the hands of the Chinese. Using all their resources, Andy and his sister find a way out of China, but must face still more dangers before finally reaching safety.

Revisiting his extraordinary childhood journey, Lieu’s experiences will shock and engross teenagers and adults alike. His story champions the priceless nature of freedom and is a testament to perseverance, ingenuity, friendship, and family.

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My Children’s Horrific Journey to Freedom is Andy Lieu’s first book. Born in Vietnam, he now lives with his wife, son, and daughter in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he enjoys the freedom he strove so hard to attain.


Andy Lieu

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