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Railroad Thinking, Atheist Adam & Eve, Poetry collection, Collection of Lyrics, My publishing journey, Fred Kuester, short writings

Poems, Lyrics and Short Takes
by Fred R Kuester

Here is a fascinating blend of prose, lyrics and poetry that probes a range of human expression from reverent to somewhat less than fully reverent This is a presentation of so many topics that it can be described as a morph of almost any conceivable blend of genres. Some lyrics have already been set to music. Feel free to hum, whistle and sing as you enjoy this book of glad to sad and back again to glad


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This peaceful octogenarian, has lived interesting experiences throughout the United States, working, and studying from Alabama to Alaska. Among his childhood memories are his mother’s very first words to him on the very first day of his birth. “Swim downstream. I don’t want to have to tell you again.” (self reported) He eventually grew up more or less. He has lived careers as a Forester, a high school teacher and a professional fur trapper. He and his sweet, little wife, Lena, are retired from formal employment but are still actively living in Northern Idaho. Occasionally he writes a book.


Fred R Kuester

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