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Young readers, Importance of health, Motivation, Tooth brushing, Edutainment, Magical kingdom, Adventure

In the Land of Shining Teeth
by Simon Cooper

Throughout the Land of Shining Teeth the people are happy. They have big, beautiful smiles, and bright, sparkling teeth. Twice a year, the people visit King Shining Tooth – he has the brightest, whitest teeth in the kingdom.

One day, a stranger named Rushkin arrives in the kingdom to shop in the market. He decides to pay for everything with candies. The people in the Land of Shining Teeth have never seen candies and are full of amazement.

Everyone in the kingdom loves the candies, including the King. That is until his teeth start to decay. Now Rushkin is in trouble for bringing the candies and finds himself in a real dilemma – he must find a remedy for the King.

Over the years, this delightful story was translated into English and suitably adapted for a North American audience. It’s a story that is both entertaining and educational – the ideal for today’s younger children.

“The Land of Shining Teeth” has been a work in progress, evolving slowly over a good many years. The first version of the storyline was originally recorded in Israel, and was intended as an entertaining way to approach children’s dental health. As you can see, the message is important and universal.

Many years after its original incarnation, the storyline has been translated into English, then modified and adapted to better suit a North American audience. In its present embodiment, “The Land of Shining Teeth” maintains its entertaining value and its educational importance. Please enjoy and share.


Simon Cooper
Bracha Green

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