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Psychotherapy, Tibetan-Buddhist teachings, Self-help, Eastern philosophies, Awareness, Cognitive therapy, Identity

Secrets of Psychotherapy
An Insider's Report
by Stuart A Ross

The Secrets of Psychotherapy Insider’s Report Includes:

• Insider secrets as stepping stones on a therapeutic journey

• A visual map of the primary targets of common psychotherapies

• Exercises to sample therapeutic skills and experiences

• The benefits of combining Eastern and Western psychotherapies

• How psychotherapy can change he world

• Whether psychotherapy will become obsolete

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Dr. Stuart A. Ross (that Psychology Guy) has been practicing psychotherapy since 1985 in psychiatric hospitals and in private practice. He is the author of a number of self-help guides as well as a novel based on his travels in Tibet. Stuart is a public speaker, a singer-songwriter-musician and an idealist who dreams of saving the world.


Stuart A Ross
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