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homelessness stories, experimental stories, contemporary stories, short stories, surrealism, metaphysical stories, Winnipeg-based stories

Skinny Bernard
Experimental Short Stories by Bernie Shore

Skinny Bernard is the sort of person that others never notice, that we look at only briefly before turning our eyes away, but the universe sees everything. We all wonder where we fit into that universe, rich or poor, surrounded by loved ones or alone on the street. This unique collection of short stories delves into that mystery and the nature of human spirit in the face of hardship, loneliness and isolation. In it, we see that no one is truly alone, and that there are countless connections that tie us to one another and to the greater universe as a whole.

With his off-beat and genre-bending writing style and fascinating character studies, author Bernie Shore examines a wide array of interwoven themes. From truth and spirituality to mental health and reincarnation, this collection of stories will change the way you look at the universe and yourself.

Skinny Bernard is an entertaining, off beat read for those looking for fantasy writing entwined with real life and death issues. This intriguing collection of short stories kept my attention from beginning to end. - Jackie Moore-Bunney.

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With a degree in sociology and arts, author Bernie Shore a former outreach worker in Winnipeg Manitoba notarizes the lives of the homeless. He has a passion for discovering the stories of incredible survivors, which means you can often find him pedaling on his bike in the city’s core. Bernie is inspired by the diversity of people and has a love for creative expression. He resides in Winnipeg now working with troubled youth and writing unique short stories.


Bernie Shore

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