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The Mailroom Mentor
Three Timeless Principles for Career Success
by Brian Burwell

Three key principles for success in any position in any workplace are

• be your own CEO,

• crush it where you are,

• and always be learning.

Throughout history, successful individuals have embraced these three principles and honed their skills to become the best in their field, and you can too.

Meet the Mailroom Mentor. Christopher was the CEO of a successful company, who in retirement takes a job in the mailroom of a different company. In his daily rounds with the mail cart, Christopher meets three young employees of the company who are unsure of their success and are longing for meaning in their careers.

An unofficial mentoring relationship is begun, and Christopher teaches and encourages his young mentees in the three timeless business principles that have influenced his own success in his business career.

Learn what it means to be your own CEO, to crush it where you are, and to always be learning. The Mailroom Mentor offers wise and practical advice, real-life stories of success, and simple action items to help you take control of your career success, starting today.

BRIAN BURWELL has an MBA in management and has 25 years’ experience in financial service. He is PMP (Project Management Professional) certified and has held various leadership positions, including registered stock broker and certified Gallup strengths coach.

Burwell is originally from Long Island, New York, and presently lives in Gilbert, Arizona, with his wife. He has three children and three grand- children. The Mailroom Mentor is his first book.


Brian Burwell

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