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wilderness poetry, poetry about nature, poems about paddling, poems about camping, poems about wildness, poetry of landscape, meditative poetry

by Brad Thomas Batten

A collection of poetry that speaks to the wonders of nature and the spiritual and psychological landscape of those who venture into its depth, Burntroot takes its readers on a profound journey. Inspired by a two-week canoe trip into Ontario’s Algonquin Park, one of Canada’s wildest and most awe-inspiring locations, its poems describe a freedom and beauty that too few get to experience in these hectic modern times. Burntroot will leave readers with a sense of reverence and an awakening to the beauty of life, both within and without.

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Brad Thomas Batten is a writer and artist with a background in religious studies and literature. His first novel, JourneyMind, draws from a lifetime of travel and reflection, and was published in 2001. His second novel, Remembrance Day, was published in 2014. It tells the story of a young man growing up under the shadow of wars fought and carried home by his father and grandfather and his struggles against a history long past that punish generations of a family. Batten lives in Kingston, Ontario. Burntroot is his first collection of poetry.


Brad Thomas Batten

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