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Spiritual consciousness, Neuroscience, Spirituality, Self-development, Self-actualization, Sacred self, Freedom from fear

The History Teacher: Adventure in Estonia
Unearthing Divine Love by Fred Phillips

In this third instalment of The History Teacher trilogy, John Stevens, the history teacher, takes a trip to Estonia where he is drawn into an extraordinary adventure of hope and intrigue! Intent on changing the course of human history, an international group of do-gooders gathers in this tiny Eastern European country to map out a strategy for change! First, though, they must overcome the power structures and attitudes meant to maintain the global status quo. All too often, people ask what we as individuals can do to contribute to meaningful change, feeling too uninformed and powerless to take direct action! The History Teacher, Adventure in Estonia provides simple guidance on how spiritual consciousness and divine love can overcome this dilemma! It transends country, cultural, racial, religious and gender borders to remind us that we are all in this together, sharing a common source and purpose. The story also examines one of the great challenges of human evolution, the steadfast and sometimes violent resistance to change. Similar to the first two editions of this trilogy, the protagonist receives guidance on his journey through dreams, angel visits and synchronistic encounters, amidst a delightfully informative blend of spirituality, history and rock n' roll.

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Fred Phillips is a retired business professional and martial arts instructor, having owned and operated Georgina Family Martial Arts in Georgina, Ontario, Canada for 20 years. He developed the Nagado self defense system which teaches students how to feel good about themselves. Fred has a keen interest in the blossoming spiritual consciousness and divine awakening that is spreading throughout humanity and like all seekers he has an insatiable thirst for understanding the great quantum unknown! He is also a blogger, posting articles on a variety of topics including spirituality, self-esteem and his journey with Parkinson's. This is Fred's fourth book.


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