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newly untitled cover

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contemporary verse, relationship poetry, intergenerational, love poems, family issues, emotional expression, humour

newly untitled
by Tyauna Bruce

newly untitled reflects on twenty years of the “sticky parts” of life with honesty and sincerity. Exploring a range of issues, the book places culturally collective topics like abandonment, urban renewal, and spirituality side-by-side with esoteric matters like growing older gracefully and enjoying Hip Hop as a mirror of the human experience. A contemplative collection, newly untitled is an authentic and unapologetic slice of Black, urban, feminine life.

Tyauna Bruce is an educator, wordsmith, and learning coach who lives and works in the Washington, D.C. area. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing from Loyola University, Baltimore, MD and a Master of Arts in Humanities from Marymount University in Arlington, VA. This is her first book of published poetry.


Tyauna Bruce

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