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Early reader stories against prejudice, teach my child about the injustices of prejudice, Children’s stories about racism, Children’s stories about discrimination, Children’s stories about friendship across social and economic boundaries, Children’s stories about friendship across racial and ethnic boundaries

Teddy Bear's Birthday Bash
by Courtney Taylor

One morning, the YUMMY scent of birthday cake wakes all the bear cubs in the forest. The cubs excitedly begin dancing arm in arm in anticipation of a big birthday party. However, the dancing abruptly stops when one little bear cub realizes he may not be invited to the birthday party because he is different from the other bear cubs; suddenly, sadness and discouragement fill the hearts of all the bear cubs as they each realize their differences amongst one another. Who will be invited to the birthday party, they wondered? Read on to find out how the bear cubs learn a lesson in inclusiveness, love, and friendship, and then find out WHO will be invited to the birthday party?

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Courtney Taylor lives in a small, Texas town with her husband, son, and step-son. She enjoys spending time with her family and animals, crocheting, writing, and spending time in nature. Courtney wrote this book for her son, Swaine Eli Taylor, in honor of his first birthday. Courtney is a counselor and works in the mental health field.


Courtney Taylor
Viktoriia Mykalevych

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