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  • The Planets and Me

    Astrology for the Wild Child by

    The Sun is the centre of who we are. It is the "I am" in each one of us. The Moon nurtures us at night. It represents how we feel and how we care. Mercury is our voice and how we learn and Venus is our style of expression and how we love. Through ...

  • Pawsitively Dax

    A Service Dog's Adventures by

    This book is based on the real life adventures of Dax who is an amazing 138 lbs. American Golden Retriever. Dax takes up his own row of seats on his airplane trips, car rides, and truck cabs. During his travels, he also enjoys an occasional ...

  • What Is Your Story?

    Let’s talk about adoption and kinship by

    What is Your Story? is an engaging, colourful book that gives children permission to discover their unique journey of adoption or kinship. The book’s goal is to normalize the questions children have, while at the same time normalizing the need to ...

  • Safe at Home


    Safe at Home is a children’s book all about the pandemic and the challenges faced by children of all ages. Using simple words and phrases, this inclusive story explores one child’s experience of being safe at home, rather than stuck at home. Naming ...

  • But Why

    A Virus Story About Feelings by

    Everything has changed overnight, and Rabbit has a lot of BIG emotions to understand. There’s a virus spreading all around the world, and Rabbit wants to know why. By asking questions of Mom, Rabbit uncovers something magical and powerful: all ...

  • Dear Jack

    A Letter From A Special Needs Child To Her Sibling by

    "Dear Jack" is a story told through the eyes of Holly, a young girl with special needs. Holly wants to tell her older brother Jack how sorry she is that their mom couldn't be there for him at certain events, like at his hockey games because the ice ...

  • Chin Up


    For sadness is normal, it comes and it goes. Just like the ocean, it ebbs and it flows. Some days, you can’t stop from crying. Maybe you even want to disappear. We often feel embarrassed when someone notices us feeling sad. We might even put on a ...

  • Teddy Bear's Birthday Bash


    One morning, the YUMMY scent of birthday cake wakes all the bear cubs in the forest. The cubs excitedly begin dancing arm in arm in anticipation of a big birthday party. However, the dancing abruptly stops when one little bear cub realizes he may ...

  • I am Just Like You


    This cheerful, positive story tells us of a little girl named Emily who appears to be different. But is she? Or, is Emily just like you? The story encourages preschool and primary aged children to see others in a different light. Through easy to ...