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  • Chin Up


    For sadness is normal, it comes and it goes. Just like the ocean, it ebbs and it flows. Some days, you can’t stop from crying. Maybe you even want to disappear. We often feel embarrassed when someone notices us feeling sad. We might even put on a ...

  • Mikey Discovers His Super Power


    Mikey is a boy who worries a lot. He has trouble enjoying life, and spends his days playing games on his tablet and ignoring the world. Eventually, his mom takes away his tablet, and Mikey doesn’t know what to do. He feels bad about himself, and ...

  • Teddy Bear's Birthday Bash


    One morning, the YUMMY scent of birthday cake wakes all the bear cubs in the forest. The cubs excitedly begin dancing arm in arm in anticipation of a big birthday party. However, the dancing abruptly stops when one little bear cub realizes he may ...

  • It's Not 'Cuz of Me


    When Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) enters a home everyone is affected by it. So often children are left upset, with a lack of understanding and wondering what’s going on. This story is for those children who have PTSD in their family, giving ...