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Poetry collection, Short stories, Deafness, Love, Spirituality, Grief, Dreams

My Treasured Moments
by Alyse Bukach

My Treasured Moments is a collection of heartfelt, inspirational poems and short stories to which anyone should be able to relate, finding themselves moved and encouraged by the grace and insight of the author’s words. Dealing with such themes as love, grief, dreams, spirituality, and physical disability (specifically deafness), this offering should reassure its readers―young and old alike―that they are not alone.

“My poems were written over a span of several years in British Columbia, Southern Alberta, and all my other travels, and are written from my heart, my experiences, and all the love I enjoy… I try to give guidance and help to others through my words, for it is only through personal reflection that we can choose our destiny and embrace our next adventures.”

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Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in 1968, Alyse M. Bukach has written short stories and articles for a variety of magazines over the years and looks to continue publishing her works, aimed at helping her readers become the determined warriors she already knows them to be. 

“For me, I realize that my Chronic Pain Disorder and deafness are never going away, and so, I embrace what I need to do to be my best self, such as being with loved ones, taking pictures, and writing.” Photography is very important to Alyse, and she enjoys capturing the beauty all around her. While winter is her favorite season, she finds the emerging spring beautiful for its opportunities for spiritual inspiration.


Alyse Bukach

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