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Love stories, Men’s fiction, Career and work, Adventure, Family drama, Venezuela, Alcoholism

Two Souls to the Wind
by Jack Sloan

When working-class Jack meets beautiful, to the manor born, Stevie at a college mixer in the late 1950s, it’s love at first sight. But their class difference isn’t what prevents them from living happily ever after; Jack soon discovers that Stevie is an alcoholic. When she moves to Switzerland for treatment, heartbroken Jack goes to work for the rich and powerful Mr. von Teufel, aka “the devil,” who is used to getting what he wants by any means – even murder. As Jack travels the world from Pittsburgh to Venezuela to Europe, thoughts of Stevie never leave his mind. He is desperate to get her back, even when he must fight for his life against a boss who is more than meets the eye. Part love story, part international intrigue, and part occult thriller, Two Souls to the Wind takes on good and evil and the corruption of wealth while asking the question “Does love truly conquer all?”

Jack Sloan grew up in the Hazelwood district of Pittsburgh and graduated from Carnegie Tech with a degree in Industrial Management. After working for a year in the steel industry, he served four years in the U.S. Army in Korea, Germany, and France. Thereafter, he obtained a law degree from the University of Denver. He practiced patent law in Denver for forty years and is now retired. Sloan lives in Denver, Colorado, with his beloved wife of over forty years, and they have two grown children. His two dogs need daily walks, during which he conjured up ideas for this book—his first novel.


Jack Sloan

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