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Spiritual manual, Religious text, Sikh, Lopon, Punjab, Enlightenment, Swami

Land of Illuminated Seers
The Great Dawn of Brahmgyan - A Nirmala Scripture
by Swami Darbara Singh

Enter a supernal world of miracles as Swami Darbara Singh elucidates upon the glorious dramas of Hindu mythology and the tales of the Great Bhagats. Experience soul-stirring solace by reading the religious ballads and Quatrains of the Master as he explores the esoteric teachings of the East. Delve into the storied past of India’s Gurus and relive their immortal quests for divine knowledge. This collection of poems, sermons, and reflections unveils the philosophy of the Masters of the Punjab for the first time and is an insightful guide upon the path to enlightenment.

Swami Darbara Singh was one of the twentieth century's Greatest Spiritual Teachers, as well as a poet and Sikh yogi, who hailed from the Holy City of Lopon, which the wise have called the “Land of Illuminated Seers.” Born in 1931, and having been steeped in the culture of North Indian Mysticism, the Swami's sacred writings contained in this volume revisit the journeys of holy men and saints who preceded him in the Nirmala Lineage of Sages.


Swami Darbara Singh
Naunidh Singh Hunjan
V.P. Johl

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