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  • 20 pages
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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

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A Jigger of Paint
by Cynthia van Eyk

This is the story of a furry blue creature with a great big plan. He has an idea for something amazing―something that will make EVERYONE smile!

But before he can get started, he needs paint! A jigger of paint, to be specific. Nothing else will do. Not a pot or a bowl or any other sort of container you can imagine.

Only a jigger of paint will do, and when he finds it … it’s going to be INCREDIBLE!

Fun Fact

jig*ger: A machine or vehicle with a part that rocks or moves back and forth,e.g., a jigsaw

Cynthia van Eyk photo

A certified Pastoral Counselor and Director of Children’s Ministries, Cynthia van Eyk has worked with young children for over thirty years. As such, she knows the importance of perseverance and using the right tools for the right job and hopes this book will demonstrate how rewarding it can be to accomplish your goals, even when it seems hard sometimes.

A proud mother and grandmother, she enjoys spending time with her family, who are always a source of inspiration.

Cynthia currently lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband, Bob, and their fur babies: Geneva and Capone, their dogs, and Oscar the adventurous cat.

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Cynthia van Eyk
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