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alien abduction, missing astronaut, dying planet, space station, Arkania, space travel, new friends

Adventures With The Akranoids
by L. Stang

Mike MacDonald was presumed dead when there was a catastrophic explosion aboard the space station where he was working as an astronaut. Unbeknownst to his family, friends and colleagues, he barely survived and was found floating in space when he was rescued by a group of aliens, who then took him back to their square planet of Akrania. His adventures begin when he gains consciousness and is faced with the Akranoids who are a truly remarkable, but unusual race of technologically advanced beings. The young astronaut quickly adapts to a different way of life and soon learns that their planet is mysteriously dying. Desperate measures are needed to be taken when they are confronted by an aggressive race of reptilian beings from another galaxy, who are intent on taking over the planet.

Lorraine Stang was born and raised in England. She emigrated to Canada in her mid 20's bringing her British wit and humour with her. She has travelled extensively, but her best trips have been to the Imagi - Nation from which she returns with ideas and inspiration for her book. Being a 'people person', she uses her observations and skills to draw personality traits of her fictional characters from real life encounters.


L. Stang

What People are Saying

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