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Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Time travel, 1970s, Ghosts and spirits, Major League Baseball, Fenway Park

The Turnstile
by Steve Godsoe

The ticket was washed out, as if it had been left out in the sun for months. Below the $12.50 admission price were the words in bold capitals over a faded red, white, and blue design: WORLD SERIES 1975, GAME 6, FENWAY PARK, BOSTON. With my ticket clenched in one hand, I gripped one of the turnstile’s arms and pushed …

Lifelong Red Sox fan Landon Burgess thought he’d seen it all – from Jon Lester’s no-hitter against the Royals to Big Papi’s treasure chest of late-game heroics. Baseball was his passion, and he’d witnessed over six hundred games at the fabled Fenway Park. Enough to know the ins and outs of the “Shrine at the heart of Boston” like he knew his own apartment.

Until one late-September evening, when he chances upon a mysterious ticket scalper before the game. He has no way of knowing he’s about to see a side of Fenway that can only be experienced through The Turnstile.

Steve Godsoe has always been a huge fan of baseball and science fiction tales. Writing The Turnstile gave him the opportunity to weave his two passions together. Steve, along with his wife, Lindsay, is halfway to his goal of attending a game in every Major League city. The author lives in Stoney Creek, Ontario.


Steve Godsoe

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