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Romance, Crime Drama, Legal thriller, Mafia, Lawyer, FBI, Witness

Seeking Justice
by Vickie Swan

Seeking Justice is action packed with suspense and humour compiled with romance.

Going to trial is a high for Renee, but after taking on a case against a Mafia figure head, her life takes a turn.

Being a sole survivor of a traumatic car accident, Renee struggles with emotional stress and goes on a vacation to get back on track before going to trial.

She wakes up at her destination not knowing how she got there. As Alex, a doctor, attends to her wounds, his vehicle is blown up and they are forced to trek up the mountain to escape.

The adventures, twists and turns are life altering for Renee.

"It's a great story." Celticfrogediting

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Vickie Swan has always had a passion for writing and being an enthusiast for action, drama, mystery, humour and spirituality, she adds each of these components to her writing technique.

The twists and turns that her novel takes, leads the readers down a path of unknown filled with surprises.

Stepping out of her comfort zone, Vickie volunteered to do her own weekly radio show on the local radio station in her community. Her primary message in this book is to believe in yourself and conquer your fears.

Vickie enjoys the outdoor and indoor activities and her favourite author is Agatha Christie.


Vickie Swan

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