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  • eBook Edition
    • 978-1-03-915600-5
    • epub, pdf files
  • Paperback Edition
    • 978-1-03-915598-5
    • 8.5 x 8.5 inches
    • Standard Color interior
    • 40 pages
  • Hardcover Edition
    • 978-1-03-915599-2
    • 8.5 x 8.5 inches
    • Premium Color interior
    • 40 pages
  • Keywords
    • mother daughter love,
    • mother going to any lengths to find daughter,
    • a child is light,
    • ensuring a child’s safety and happiness,
    • helpful magical creatures,
    • the bottom of the barrel,
    • hide and seek book

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Finding Grace
by Mommy Magnussen

Finding Grace is an interactive, hide and seek picture book that recounts a mother’s search for her daughter, Grace. In trying to locate her daughter, the mother keeps looking in all the wrong places, until she is directed to travel to the Castle of Light. Overcoming many challenges, she finally locates her daughter, but has to answer a riddle before she can be reunited with her. The hide and seek format of the book invites readers to search for Grace on each page. It is a fun and interactive book. It sends the message to kids that there is no bounds or lengths that a parent will not go for their child. The story also sends the message to parents that they can overcome their mental health issues and shine optimism into their dark states. Metaphorically, this is displayed by having a small whole in a garbage barrel, thus shining in physical light. Practically, this means making a small whole (adjustment) in the dark part of your life which affects your parenting. Children are always watching and to prevent our issues in being their future issues, let's talk with our kids about hard topics in ways they can understand. Lastly, the final message of this book is to parents who are currently withheld from their children. The separation could be due to travelling work or custody battles, etc. Whatever the reason, it hurts when we are not with our children. But we must know they are safe, and happy, and soon we will hold them again. The hardest part is not giving up in between. "Finding Grace", encourages you to courage on."

"It's simply the best" —my mom

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Rhea Magnussen (A.K.A “Mommy Magnussen”) is from Humboldt, Saskatchewan. Rhea graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in accounting and then obtained a CPA designation. Rhea currently has a modest tax business that ze runs during tax season. Rhea also recently fulfilled a life-long dream as she opened up a gymnastics club in Clavet, called Finding Grace Gymnastics Club. Along with writing, Rhea fills zir time with coaching gymnastics and of course, the love of zir life, zir daughter, Grace. Rhea wrote this book in response to a period of extreme hardship in life where ze was separated from zir daughter, and has used its process as a healing journey. The main message of the book of “renewing your mind from darkness to light” tackles the issue of depression and how sometimes it can be all too easy to take for granted our most precious gift- our children. Rhea is currently back at the University of Saskatchewan- this time studying psychology, with the master plan of becoming a child counsellor. Rhea plans to continue writing and using real life experiences and her newfound love for psychology to develop a children’s book series that tackles difficult mental health topics. Her next book is based on her Father’s life in Foster Care and is called “Master Ricki”. Rhea finds it extremely important to communicate with kids about difficult topics that they may or may not have been exposed to. Rhea uses a magical world and has many intertwined metaphors in the book “Finding Grace”, to discuss the topic of depression and family separation in a way children can understand. Children can be exposed to divorce and a variety of mental health issues. It is time we start talking about these challenges to our kids! Rhea would like to thank zir family for their endless support and encouragement. Rhea identifies as non-binary and uses the pronouns ze/zir.


Mommy Magnussen
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