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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Bedtime, Angels, Family, Christian, Sleep problems, Early readers, Picture book

Lullaby for Alana
by Christopher Kypros

Alana has a problem. She can’t go to sleep! For several nights now, her mommy and daddy have tried to help. They’ve rubbed her back and sung her favorite songs…still, she hardly gets any sleep at all. But what Alana doesn’t know is that her guardian angel is very near…and something wonderful is about to happen.

With the special element of a serene and beautiful musical accompaniment, and its uplifting message of Divine support and protection, Lullaby for Alana makes a perfect, comforting bedtime story that’s sure to be loved by children and parents alike.

Christopher Kypros is a classically trained pianist, a composer, a father, a grandfather, and a believer in the spirit of God within us all. In his career as a general music teacher, he has seen the power of music and storytelling transform both children and adults. As a composer, he has published choral works for the Greek Orthodox Church: Liturgy of Peace 1980, Liturgy of Hope 2013, and Liturgy of Light 2016. Christopher lives in Norfolk, Virginia.


Christopher Kypros

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